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Caleb Robey

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Competent: Python, Embedded System Design, C, C++, Embedded Linux (Debian,
Arago), FreeRTOS, TI RTOS, Qt (Python and C++), Bash

■ Familiar: Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, WSL), Jenkins, SQL, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft
COM API, BeeWare


ML & Remote Sensing Lab - University of Florida
■ Govt. project to autonomously detect use of biological weapons in an area by
advanced image analysis on local plants
■ Hyperspectral Image Analysis

Texas Instruments
Machine Learning and Analytics
■ Collected data and trained CNN to discriminate between dog breeds with
real-time performance on low power AM57x TI micro-processor. (Code
only internal)
■ Sparsified network by >90% by dropping inconsequential weights in
network reducing accuracy by only ~2%. (Code only internal)
■ Increased speed of semantic segmentation demo on embedded
processor by optimizing existing hardware pipelines

Imaging + Computer Vision
■ Optimized the tuning of various automotive-grade sensors on Jacinto
product line ISP.
■ Created automated test framework for TI Image Signal Processing Tuning
Tool using QT Test (Code only internal)
■ Created Python tool to calculate the optimal color conversion matrix for an
image based on photos from other high quality cameras (Code only

Private Consulting
Faragalla & Associates Automated Data Infrastructure
■ Designed a backend database and application that keeps all information
between QuickBooks, TaxWorkFlow, Sharefile, and Outlook in sync in real
time (Code only internal)

Personal Projects
■ AirCanvas - an AR wooden box that allows a person to use their finger to create
3-D renderings

■ Dominion App - cross-platform app in Python to randomize different variations of
one of my favorite card games


Kenzie Robey

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Competent: Python

■ Familiar: SQL, C++, Java


Research and Development Engineer, PepsiCo                                                                              
■Performed experimentation and implementation of mid-scale to full-scale manufacturing processes, shelf-life tests, ingredient qualification, supply chain optimization, and business productivity initiatives
■Developed models and optimization tools in Python such as: kinetic modeling for frying process, SQL data acquisition and automated analysis from different manufacturing plants, custom internal analysis tools, and user interfaces for 
■Tested and implemented engineering solutions that lead to $3 MM in savings

Nanoscience Institute for Medical & Engineering Technology - University of Florida
■Researched extended drug release profiles of dexamethasone from oleogel rods made from different gelator molecules 
■Publication from research project: Macoon, R., Robey, M., Chauhan, A.,  “Effect of Gelators on Drug Delivery from Oleogel Rods”, 2020, European Journal of Pharmaceutics

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