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Our Team.

Caleb Robey

Founder | Machine Learning & System Design

Caleb founded Depot Analytics with his wife in 2022 after spending years as an embedded software, machine learning, and computer vision engineer.

Since starting full time at Depot Analytics, he has helped organizations like Raytheon, Syngenta, and the TSA deploy robust machine learning systems, make the right analytics decisions, and even deploy a satellite. 

Kenzie Robey

Founder | Data Automation & Analytics

Before co-founding Depot Analytics, Kenzie worked at PepsiCo as an R&D engineer. Running large-scale experiments and seeing a need for automation, she began to leverage her programming experience to become an R&D department specialist at delivering essential data systems and analytics.

At Depot Analytics, she focuses on providing seamless access to data with an eye toward key decision metrics and finding means by which to save time and cost for organizations.

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