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Machine Learning Consulting

Curious about all the hype around "AI"? Wondering if your organization or customers could truly benefit?

Typical use cases are:

  • Building co-pilots to help make better recommendations

  • Using agents to remove redundant operational processes

  • Using forecasting models to do highly advanced analytical predictions

Machine learning, if utilized properly, can be a means for the humans in your business to focus on the complex, thinking, relational, and strategic work that makes organizations special. Let computers do the computing, formatting, data entry, and redundancy. 

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Design Models

We serve you by

  • Executing the entire process of creating, training, and validating models that can be used in your organization

  • Working with custom tailored and off-the-shelf CNNs, transformer-based models, and custom models that can get unprecedented results in the real world

  • Specializing in working with data that disorganized and unstructured

Deploy on the Edge


We serve you by

  • Turning resource intensive algorithms and processes into systems that can run with

    • Low power

    • Low latency

    • High speeds

  • Quantize and sparsify deep neural nets 

  • Rework model architectures to maintain performance while optimizing performance


Build Computer Vision Systems

We serve you by

  • Doing computer vision analysis of your image/video data

  • Building models and software programs that can do

    • Object detection/segmentation

    • Photogrammetry​

    • 3D Reconstruction

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