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$3-4k: Data Plumbing

You have a small budget. You don't need a system that can synchronize every piece of your process for you or extensive automation, system design, and modeling. But there are some parts of your process that are killing the team's productivity that you need eliminated.

We have found ways to build light-weight efficient solutions to help small-businesses solve thorny issues on a budget.

$10-15k: Base

Your ready to build the groundwork for a data system or analytics platform that can support your business's needs.

$20-30k: Feature-Rich

You want a set of analytics or systems that integrate intelligently and reliability.

$30-50k: Advanced

You're serious about getting a data problem solved in your organization.

$50k+: Enterprise

You have massive amounts of data, and you are ready to invest in making it all work in the same direction of serving your company's mission.

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