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Analytics & Automation Consulting

Data in your organization should be a tool that you use, not the other way around. We help you simplify, organize, and visualize your data.

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Build Organizational Insights

We serve you by

  • Building visualizations to help you make clear, quick organizational decisions using

  • Combining and organizing your data from across your organization to optimize insights about​

    • Productivity

    • Job Costing

Automate Core Processes

We serve you by

  • Eliminating hours of wasted time that you spend on

    • Generating reports

    • Entering data manually

    • Logging in and out of organizational software

  • Turning hours of work into a few clicks by leveraging both off-the-shelf and custom automation solutions. We're experts in:

    • Zapier​

    • Microsoft Power Platform

    • Python

Create Data Infrastructure

We serve you by

  • Helping you create a system for managing your data​​

  • Implementing data warehouses to consolidate information across your organization and increase analytics capabilities

  • Executing data governance strategies

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